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Window Film Las Vegas is proud to be the leading window film experts offering our renowned product knowledge, comprehensive window film inventory, and decades of experience to the Las Vegas area. The countless advantages that window tinting has to offer can really transform any existing space into comfortable, productive living and workspaces. Whether you’re looking to enhance energy efficiency in your Summerlin home or improve safety measures in your Sun City restaurant, we’ve got you covered.

Las Vegas properties can experience high-cost savings with these great ROIs in addition to a multitude of diverse benefits. We welcome you to explore all the possibilities that window film has to offer. Work with Las Vegas’s number one window film company today!

Energy Efficiency:

Las Vegas properties have some of the most difficulty when it comes to keeping their energy costs low while maintaining comfortable homes and businesses. With 100+ degree heat during summer months, energy efficiency is always a priority. Energy efficient window film is the highly-capable alternative to window replacement, offering affordability and comfort.

UV Protection:

UV radiation has serious effects on building occupant health, interior furnishings, display products, flooring, and much more. Without adequate protection, permanent sun damage can lead to high expenses that can be out-of-budget for Las Vegas homeowners and business owners. UV blocking window film can block out 99.9% of UV rays comparable to protecting your property with SPF 1000.

Glare Reduction:

With desert-like conditions, finding adequate shading for your Las Vegas property can be extremely difficult. Many buildings experience hours of glare issues daily leading to poor productivity and major discomfort. Glare reduction window film reduces this nuisance offering comfort with screen-viewing activities.

Daylight Redirecting:

Daylight redirecting window film offers an innovative solution for dark properties throughout the Las Vegas area. With the capability of redirecting natural light as deep as 40 feet into your building, you’ll experience lowered lighting costs in addition to a plethora of benefits.

Decorative and Branding:

Las Vegas is known for its visually stimulating commercial properties. Decorative film offers a budget-friendly way to showcase life-like custom graphics that heighten brand awareness and advertising efforts. From 3M exterior building wraps to interior high-definition printing, we’ve got you covered.


Anything can happen in Vegas– including high amounts of property crime and vandalism. Defend commercial property surfaces from different damaging threats including daily wear-and-tear and acid etching with anti-graffiti surface film.


Privacy issues can affect anyone living or working in Las Vegas. Window film productively addresses these issues with customizable solutions that optimize aesthetics and curb appeal. Whether you’d like to add privacy to your Downtown Vegas conference room or obstruct your neighbor’s views into your Desert Shores condo, window film is the affordable answer.

Exterior Resurfacing:

Las Vegas commercial properties that are looking for a cost-effective upgrade without time-consuming renovations can depend on exterior resurfacing. Perfect for buildings with outdated or damaged windows, this unique service boosts energy efficiency, aesthetics, and overall functionality.

Mirror Restoration

Commercial buildings across the Las Vegas area often house numerous expensive mirrors. The majority of these mirrors are located in bathrooms, locker rooms, gyms, and other areas with high moisture exposure. Defend while restoring your mirrors with mirror restoration– prevent corrosion, vandalism, and even acid etching.

Metal Restoration:

Metal is a popular surface type for Las Vegas commercial properties due to lower maintenance requirements and long-term durability. These surfaces are still susceptible to daily scratches, intended vandalism, and more. Metal restoration is an affordable approach to keeping your metal surfaces in great condition without having to pay high repair costs.

Safety and Security:

Some of the residential neighborhoods in Las Vegas are in desperate need of effective home security. Safety and security film provides the extensive, budget-friendly solution often sought after. Commercial security film is also available helping defend against break-ins, natural disasters, burglaries, and more.

Ballistic Resistance and Bomb Blast:

Advanced security window film systems are available for Las Vegas commercial properties. Perfect for casinos, stadiums, government buildings, and more, ballistic resistance and bomb blast films deliver unparalleled protection from high impact events like gunfire and explosions.

Why window film?

Window film completely addresses the many property concerns that Las Vegas buildings face on a daily basis. The wonderful thing about window film is that it offers quick installation processes and attractive price points that don’t require high time and financial sacrifices. With so many benefits, window film can transform dysfunctional spaces into wonderful, comfortable environments.

Before and After Window Film Installation

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Window Film Las Vegas is acclaimed for providing innovative, affordable window film solutions for both residential and commercial applications. We’re proud to help our community transform dysfunctional, existing rooms into practical, comfortable spaces. Our award-winning customer service sets us apart from other window film contractors. Experience the Scottish Difference and discover solutions with a great ROI.  

Window Film Las Vegas is happy to provide free in-home and on-site consultations to really understand your property challenges, requirements, and goals. Work with Las Vegas’ trusted window film contractor. Our dedicated team is looking forward to working with you on your next window film project. Call today for any questions regarding window film or if you’d like to schedule your appointment!